Col Whitehead Scholarship Recipients


Col Whitehead was one of the finest sportsmen in University Sport. An outstanding bowler, a first class batsman, a much respected captain and leader and a truly great model of the ideal sportsman in every sense and meaning of the word. He had already represented his country in Basketball at the 1960 Olympics and could have represented NSW in Cricket if he had not chosen to put his studies before his love of sport. He went on to become an academic in the French Department at UON, an expert in the works of Baudelaire and Malraux. In 2014 he was honoured by his in inclusion in the Hunter Hall of Fame. He also received a Blue in Cricket from our University.

Col Whitehead represents the ideal of every sports club. A great athlete, an excellent cricketer, a generous and supportive team member, a man with great respect for the traditions and values that underpin every sport, in this case, cricket.

It is the intention of this scholarship that the successful recipient will be a contributing member and role model to other team members of the University of Newcastle Cricket club


Colby Gallagher 2018
 James Rushford 2019
 Daniel Rea 2020