University Sporting Blues Recipients


“University Blues” are awarded each year for excellence in sport. To be recommended for a “Blue" a person must be an enrolled student proceeding towards a degree or diploma at the University of Newcastle. As well the person must be a member of the Club, represented at AUG or EUG level and\or District Representative level or higher and participated in Club Activities.


Recipients of University Blues awarded in cricket are:


 1959J.R. Rogers 
 1962K.P. Gilbert 
 1963R.S.J. Levi 
 1963D.A. March 
 1965T.W. Collins 
 1968R.N. Hanley 
 1968S.A. Tarbox 
 1968C.A. Whithead 
 1971P.R. Dodd 
1973R.M. Wilkinson 
 1976J.J. Andrew 
 1977D.J. Willett 
 1979P.A. Briggs 
 1981T.E. Curran 
 1983A. Butler 
 1983C.A. Ross 
 2010K. Neely 
 2012J.M. Bennett