University Sporting Colours


"University Colours” are awarded each year to persons who have distinguished themselves as talented administrators and who have given dedicated service of at least three academic years to University Sporting Clubs and sport in general. Recipients of University Colours awarded in cricket are:- 


 1973V.H. Levi 
 1973J. Mendl 
 1974K. Williamson 
 1979R. Goodbody 
 1981D.J. Bell 
 1982W. Schultz 
 1989P.J. Tate 
 1990J.F. Lowry 
 1992A.G. Tate 
 1995J.G. Fryer 
 1996A.S. Brown 
 1998A.G. Baker 
 2000A.K. Northey 
 2005A.D. Harrison 
 2009S.G. Taylor 
 2010A.M. Casey 
 2011B. Smee 
 2013B. Norris 
 2017J.J. Richardson 
 2020J. Wallace