FUNC 2020/21- Memberships


For those who aren't aware or haven't previously been a member FUNC stands for "Friends of University Cricket" and has been setup as a way for the club to stay in touch with former players, corporate supporters, associates and student supporters as well as allowing an outlet for each of those to socialise with each other and relive the glory days.

On top of this it is also a key fundraising tool for the club where a little from each of us goes a long way and helps the club to function. Being a University Club most of the players are still at University and struggling balancing finances as you can likely remember so anyway we can help to fund the club is always appreciated.


2020/21 subscription fees will be the same as previous years.

$115 for a former player/associate/corporate supporter

$100 for current player

$10 for Social Student Memberships


For your membership fee you receive:

  1. The satisfaction of helping your club and in carrying out the 2020/21 FUNC initiatives/Club Support
  2. Membership to a network of like-minded individuals and the ability to stay in touch with them
  3. The sense and enjoyment of once more being involved with a club. Updates on the Club's performance throughout the year;
  4. Invitation to a once yearly catch up in the form of a free BBQ and drinks event thrown by the Club and held throughout the season - will find a date in the calendar once we get an idea of membership
  5. If a corporate partner, access to a network & local community ties in so far as you are helping a not-for-profit organization in the form of the UNCC
  6. Last but not least to ensure the continued survival and prosperity of the UNCC and support the current caretakers of this legacy which started over 60 years ago


Bank Details

University of Newcastle Cricket Club

BSB: 637000

Acc No: 781985570

Description: Please put FUNC & Name

Please also let secretary Mitchell Eckford ( know when you pay and he can update our Treasurer/database as we go.